CSFN at the Iqaluit Makerspace

The success of the Iqaluit Makerspace, now operating for over a year, is based in no small part on the support and strength of the Computers For Success Nunavut (CFSN) program. From the very beginning, with a stack of refurbished laptops, we began teaching digital literacy easily.

The purchase of computers for a space like this could be prohibitively expensive, but because of the CFSN program this obstacle is easily overcome allowing us to focus on the delivery of strong programming. 

“It’s important to learn how to code and use computers ‘cause if you wanna be an engineer or a designer you have to know how to use a computer or if you want a well paid job.”

– Abigail Tumilty, age 9

“I learned Scratch and Inkscape on a used computer. Thanks CFSN.”

– Inuuya Qaunaq, age 9

“It is important to learn how computers function because it’s better to learn when you are young so if you get a job that you need to be on a computer all day, you will know how it works and you won’t need to learn while you are older.”

– Sophia MacDonald, age 10

“I learned Inkscape, digital art, coding, [about] Sprites and assets on a used computer. Computers matter because a kid can learn a lot.”

– Taylor Rose Lindell, age 10

“I learned MagicaVoxel pixel art on a used computer. Thanks CFSN.”

– George Papatsie, age 10