CFSN in partnership with Pinnguaq’s education programming

Through the Computers For Success Program, Pinnguaq is able to bring a laptop for every participant of our coding sessions, no matter the community.  This is a huge part of the “resources” part of the Pinnguaq Lifecycle.  

Through this program we are able to provide fully functional laptops, filled with the curriculum and software that we use in our teaching. Through these machines, students in any community in Nunavut can continue to develop on what they have learned through training, long after the training ends.  

Lifelong learning and access to the tools needed are a vital tenant to the work we do in delivery.  Computers for Success Nunavut, our partners in CFSC and the Government of Canada are key cogs in the success of the tech experiences we provide to Nunavummiut. 

Testimony provided by Ryan Oliver, Director

Pinnguaq Association